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Developing iOS 5 Applications

This newest book by White and Chudzynski is intended to get new iOS developers started creating apps of their own for the App Store using iOS 5. The basic concepts needed to get started developing apps are presented within the context of five App development projects, which includes two new projects not available in their previous book that show how to use the Map Kit and the new Storyboard feature available with Xcode 4.2 and the iOS 5 SDK.The authors have developed many apps that are available for download from the iTunes App Store, and it is their belief that learning to develop apps within the context of projects will provide a satisfying and rewarding learning experience. Readers are encouraged to review relevant resources provided at Appleā€™s developer website to deepen their understanding of the concepts integrated into each project.
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Laura J. White

Laura J. White is an Assistant Professor in the Computer Science Department, and Program Director for Software Engineering at the University of West Florida. Read More About Laura J. White


Janusz Chudzynski

Janusz Chudzynski is a Software Engineer and iPhone Programmer for the Academic Technology Center at the University of West Florida. Read More About Janusz Chudzynski